How to Send or Keep My Mother in Law Away from Husband and Baby

Pandit Somnath Sharma

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  1. Rekha says:

    hi please help me to send my in laws away from us as my inlaws are very much addicted to their son that is my husband and in laws are the reason for the troubles in my life along with my daughter. Need some help so that they go way from us but in a happy way not by qauareling

  2. merlz says: me my boyfriend i want to come back to me, but he cant decide because the girl leave to their homes,..and the girl become pregnant,pls help me..

  3. carole vasquez says:

    Yes please please help my mother in law keeps asking my Husband to send money to el Salvador even if de are struggling she wants him to help everyone he gets stressed stays mad at me and tries to hit me and hit tv 28th hammaer made a whole in tv and he keeps on de need to send money always dosent like to send any money for us to go out he just worried he could have used this money to send to el Salvador thats Why we do nothing we never have a good time because even if we send money to nos family then de stressed cause de dont have money for food un very deppressed and said i need help I have 4 little boys at home their stressed out too

  1. September 11, 2015

    […] because they are scared as it might impact relationship. My Boyfriend’s Parents Hate Me Advice. How to Keep or Send Mother in Law Away from Husband and Baby. In laws may be the cause if your happiness or sufferings in relationship as if they are not happy […]

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