Separation Spells to Separate Lovers, Make Them Fight and Break Up

Pandit Somnath Sharma

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  1. Shawnte' Streed says:

    the separation spell to make them fight, a couple fight and breakup. I want Daren Paul Streed Jr. and Caitlyn Faye Gilbert to fight and break up.

  2. Che says:

    She breaks up with her current relationship. She’s not happy anymore and she’s inlove with me. But she cannot commit with me because her ex lover don’t want to let her go. Her ex lover makes harm so that she will not leave.
    I want them to separate. And come to me.
    Their names:
    Jehonadab Menguito
    Lovelle Sadumiano

  3. a.p.s. says:

    Speration spell to break up this couple.

  4. Tracey says:

    My boyfriend is still seeing his ex I want her to meet someone else and move on with her life how can I make this happen?

  5. Saswati dash says:

    My daughter has a relationship with a Christian boy. I don’t want this relationship to continue. As we belong to very good family. Kindly help me

  6. guest says:

    this girl took my man away via spells, how can i make them break up?

  7. patty says:

    I want Brian price and keiana Robinson to break up.. and start fighting until they can’t stand to see each other..

  8. Jack says:

    Maryjane Aguilar
    John Michael
    Separation spell??? Please, they seem so happy and i’m jealous of them… Because i like maryjane…

  9. Lisa says:

    Break up spell for Odelay Garrido and Magdiel Hernandez Perez. I want them to fight and break up and never get back together again.

  10. Andre Jones says:

    Separation spell. I want America Lara & David Viescas to fight and argue and they break up and they hate each other and they never see each other again or talk to to each other & America Lara get back together with her ex boyfriend Jordan Bedford

  11. Andre Jones says:

    Separation spell to break up America Lara & David Viezcas. They argue and fight then they break up and they never talk to each other again and America gets back with her ex boyfriend Jordan

  12. nisha Adams says:

    I want them to break up
    And he must love me alone
    Their names
    Regina pooran
    Toolaram ramnauth

  13. debbie says:

    I want jason murray and kellie o’halloran to fight and break up for good and bring him to me

  14. Dream says:

    My ex and I were together but his ex kept trying to get back with him he left me for her I want them to break up

  15. Sujata says:

    Comment…I hope quick solve my problem .

  16. kasarachi says:

    I want chinyere nwulu and Ndidi ananaba to fight over our company money, which they’ve been eaten alone

  17. Jjjj says:

    Angel sears and crystal vargas break up fast shes a home weaker of a family

  18. pat says:

    I want Robert strickland 11/16/93 to break up with the prostitute melody locke 8/2/90, she doesn’t deserve my son

  19. Kathy says:

    Michael j Marie jr us blinded by this girl and she is holding him back from having the life he deserves. She is deceitful and mean and they need to break up do he can move on.
    She has caused harm to others and I don’t want harm to come to him.

    Separation spell for
    Michael j Marie jr
    Anna Rawson

    That will happen immediately

  20. LaCai says:

    My cousin is in a bad relationship and it’s gotten so bad to where the guy is stalking her and he won’t let her break the relationship what should I do

  21. Adeisha James says:

    i need sean parker and is current partner to break up i need him back i need her to move on with someone new

  22. otis says:

    i want catherina and kingsley to break up

  23. keisha Allsop says:

    can u please make Reason Stuckey and Tyasia Young break up forever. i want them seperate and never to be friends either. thx

  24. keisha Allsop says:

    oh and can u also make a powerful love spell to make Ketura Harsey and Reason Stuckey love each other strongly

  25. April Hardy says:

    Separation spell. I want my soul mate back. I want him and the girl he is seeing to fight and never get back together ever again. There names are sean philip obrien and brie. Don’t know her last name

  26. Bandana Makhnotra says:

    I was in a relationship wid a boy who also loves me but from last 7,8 months he is involved wid a married lady who is 20yrs elder then him.I love him very much, so iwant him back in my life. But he is not ready to listen me, and totally in control of that lady. So I want that first of all there will be break up between them, he come back to me wid loyalty and love .

  27. Mayuki says:

    What spell would I use to get a ex back (that I still love dearly) from a 15 year old girl? I want them to break up in some awful way. Fighting, him finding out about her cheating on him with someone, anything tbh. Please help

  28. Emily says:

    I was wondering in order to make them separate, do you need both names or something?

  29. I want the seperation spell to make them fight break up and hate eachother. i want Sean Charles Wesley Robert Johnson and this unknown female to start fighting and never get back together. i want him to get together with Alison Elizabeth MacInnis.

  30. Isabel Burneo says:

    I want a separation spell for Leon Ostrovsky and Inna Gordon to fight and break up and never get together again

  31. Rose mock says:

    I want my x to decor ice his wife come back to me and live me everyday he only married her so she could pay off his child support, have her meet someone else.

  32. Sarah says:

    I would like for her to take a very long walk off a very short pier.She has screwed up a family and the lives of at least 5 people that loved each other but this office whore has torn apart a family with her whine of I need you I am so needy I can’t do anything myself and your are my HERO.. She calls herself a christian but is living in sin. She should take her kid the one from her first marriage and go HOME and live with Mama and papa. Then everyone else could be normal again. Away from this idiot fruitcake.needy clinging vine.Can you pout a breakup spell on her so she will just disappearinto the distance

  33. Revi says:

    I want to break up this couple she I’ll treaTed him nw she’s being nice n he’s fighting with me. I want She must stay away and ignore him. She must fight n leave D house he must see Wat she is

  34. Toi says:

    I want keyenn Charles and Erin Irby to break up cause i still love keyenn charles and want him to be with me

  35. DT says:

    I want james raber & angie tucker to fight ever second they are together or talk to each other I want ever time either one think of each other to be unhappy and to only find happiness when they are apart

  36. Kim says:

    I want DeAndra Simmons and Jonathan Thomas to fight until they can no longer stand each other. I want them to break off their engagement and break up for good. We want DeAndra to be reconciled with her family who she has stopped speaking to to be with him.

  37. Deziree Lengal says:

    I love my boufriend very much i want him to loce me and txt me more and not talk to any females
    Most of all his name is Emery Dirk Gray 08/16/87 he seeing his ex nada ahmed mansour whos 06/16/88 i want them to hate fight and argue and him telling me what he did with her and to be honest and for them to never talk again… because i want him to be loyal and honest please break up their friendship make them hate and not talk to eachother anymore make him faithful and loyal to me that he txt and calls me everyday and tell me how much he love me

  38. Deziree Lengal says:

    And please make him loyal cause this girl is in the way she a man name steve idk his last name but i want her to stop yalking to my boyfriwnd and for thwm to hate argue and block and never talk to eachother anymore please break my boyfriend and his best friend nada friendship

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