How To Cast Revenge Spells Without Ingredients on Someone

revenge spells without ingredient

What are Revenge Spells?

Today, when everybody is of jealous with everyone else’s success, there is quite possibility that your enemies can harm you by any means.  If someone has done any harm or something wrong with you and you are not in mood to wait for karma to hit back on that person, you can choose to cast revenge spells on your enemy.

A revenge spells casted properly on enemy can bring the justice that you deserve. So, when talking about revenge spells, it is equally important to know how revenge spells should be casted to have optimum effect. You can cast revenge spell by two approaches i.e. one with ingredients and another without ingredients.

Revenge spell is a magical spells that is used to cause harm to someone who deserves it on the karma basis. It’s basically a kind of dark magic in which power of spell is used to hurt someone. There are many spells that fall under revenge category and most of the witchcraft schools cast revenge spell. To get an idea what these revenge spell can do and what they are expected to do first you have to understand the term “Revenge”.energy ball revenge spells for enemy

Revenge can be completed by making someone sick or even making them die. It all depends on you how and up to what extent you want to take your revenge. Sometimes you just want to make pain in enemy’s body. Voodoo spells are most commonly known revenge spells.

In such voodoo spells, voodoo doll is used as an object that represents person you are casting revenge spell on and whatever you do with this doll simulates to your enemy as well so you can imagine any method of hurting someone and take your revenge.

Type of Revenge Spells

Revenge spells with ingredients are casted using specific ingredients while you don’t need any ingredients in revenge spells without ingredients.

If you are not sure you would be able to cast revenge spells without ingredients, you don’t need to worry and you are on right place as here on ex love spells, we have out specialist spell casters who can cast revenge spells without ingredients on your enemies to punish them on your behalf.

There are variety of revenge spells you can choose from depending upon the applicability and uses.

  • Love Revenge Spells
  • Curse Spells for Revenge against Enemies
  • Black Magic Revenge Spells
  • White Magic Revenge Spells
  • Dark Magic Revenge Spells

How to Cast Revenge Spell without Ingredients

  • revenge spells for someoneTo cast this revenge spells you will nothing as this are no ingredient required revenge spell and this spell will be able to turn the fortune of your enemy into misfortune.
  • Sit on a comfortable place and imagine a energy ball forming in front of you.
  • Try to keep all your focus on that energy ball and try to channel together all your hate and anger towards that energy ball and it should turn vibrant black and red.
  • Now you have to chant this spell.

Demons of hell hear my plea!
This person is not who they seem to be!
I hate them most with all my heart
Let your magic perform your dark arts!
Let them feel the wrath of Satan!
Demons of hell do my bidding!
So will it be! So will it be!

  • Now imagine energy ball shooting out of home and enemy is breathing inside energy ball and all the negative energy in form of hate and anger is shooting into the body of your enemy.

This is a basic example of casting revenge spells without ingredients for newbie’s who don’t know much about spell casting. If you want more on powerful revenge spells without ingredients, you can consult to our spell caster expert Pt. Mool Chand Shastri @ +91-9501143881


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